Saturday, 12 February 2011

A Complete Write-Off...

I had a terrible day yesterday. It was a complete write-off to my "Bring on the Laughter" post. I didn't accomplish any of my goals,





I got home from work and made a bee line for my room, I thought that not talking to anyone would be the safest option since I'm pretty sure I was ready to snap at anyone who so much as looked at me.

I mean, if Jesus would have been in my room in the flesh, I think I would have snapped at him too.

Heaven forbid.

Seriously, I hate days like that.

However, I did have one bright spot. This video and I must share it with you and please, you must watch it...

Don't you just love this? I feel like I can breathe a little deeper after seeing goal accomplished!

Hope your day is bright,

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