Monday, 19 January 2009

Back to the 90's...

I was born in the late 80's, meaning my childhood took place in the 90's. Recently I've re-discovered my love for one christian rock group in particular....Petra. I grew up listening to these guys and I have so many wonderful memories of rocking out to them in the car with my Dad. I've been listening to one of their albums, my favourite one, entitled 'Beyond Belief' a lot lately. The words to the songs on this cd are full of amazing truths spoken or sung in a powerful way. I just wanted to share the lyrics to one of their songs with you. It's called 'Seen and Not Heard' and I hope you'll take a moment to think about what they're saying.

Seen And Not Heard

Too many black sheep in the family
Too many stones from a house of glass
They've heard the story, they've heard the lines
But talk is too cheap to change their minds
They want to see some vital signs
Convictions - in the way we live
Convictions - not a narrative
Actions speak a little louder than words

Seen and not heard, seen and not heard
Sometimes God's children should be seen and not heard
There's too much talk and not enough walk
Sometimes God's children should be seen and not heard

Delayed reaction to hostility
Brings us into reality
Cause when we answer in our defense
They can see through the false pretense
They want to see some evidence
Commitment - no more alibis
Commitment - not a compromise
Actions speak a little louder than words
Let your light so shine in all you do
With an answer near when they come to you

Don't let your mouth start talkin'
Until your feet start walkin'

Perhaps you too may want to re-discover the 80's and 90's!!!!

Yours truly,
The Kindred Spirit

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