Saturday, 17 January 2009


It all happened at once.
It came like a freezing cold breeze on a hot day.
Laughter and tears, they both came.
Some laughed for the wait was over.
Some cried because it all seemed ridiculous.
Bitterness didn’t seem right, but it was there.
Sinicism was all too natural.
Yet it was not a bad thing.

For some, it was a reminder of loneliness.
For others it brought opportunity.
Some questioned it.
Real Love?

Some knew better.
The struggle will come.
Life goes on.
What then for you?
Is it the adventure you’ve always wanted?
For some there could be more.
It seems heavy but it won’t always be this way.

It all happened at once.
It will all be over at once.
For others, the wait is the lesson.
The lesson answers the questions.
Time, motivation, opportunity, love.
Real love will bring you.

The wait is the struggle.
The struggle must be worth it.
I trust.
I hope.
It will come.
The adventure begins here.

Sinicism must be ignored.
Bitterness fought.
Loneliness overcome.

The opportunity is the breeze.
In that the lesson,
and the struggle.
The wait won’t last forever.
Then, it will be time.
And there will be laughter.

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